Player Parent Liaison Officer

Player/Parent Liaison Officer

Our club is very keen to have open communication channels with all our players, parents, carers, and supporters; and to assist, the Junior Committee contacts are listed on our Junior website for your ease of reference.  Your Committee is responsible the overall running of the Junior Club, with duties that range across matters such as selection of grounds, appointment of coaches & managers, sponsorship arrangements, purchase of equipment & uniforms, compilation of statistics, publication of Yearbooks, etc.  If you would like to discuss the general running of our club, or would like to offer ideas for improvement – these are the best people to contact.

If your concern is specific to your child, you are encouraged to talk to the coach or manager of your child’s team in the first instance, as this usually produces the right result, quickly.

However, if you feel that it is inappropriate, or you feel uncomfortable about raising the issue with these people, the Player/Parent Liaison Officer (PPLO) can discuss your concern with you, and help you decide how it can be resolved.  The PPLO is independent – that person is not a coach, parent of a current Junior player, nor a Junior Committee member.

This season (Insert Name) has been appointed to the role. 

(Insert Name) can be reached on (Insert Number), or at (Insert Email) for email correspondence. 

(Insert Name) contact details are also available on our club’s Junior website.


The PPLO provides confidential, impartial information and support.  The PPLO does not take sides, but can act as a ‘sounding board’ so that you can discuss your concerns obligation-free, providing information about complaint resolution options that are available to you.